DVLA Contact Number: 0300 790 6802

You can contact the DVLA about vehicle related enquiries by calling them on their phone number 0300 790 6802.

If your queries pertain more to driver licensing, then call 0300 790 6801.

If you’re a vehicle owner in the UK, you need to register your vehicle with the DVLA. The DVLA stands for Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency. This is also the government agency you need to go to if you’re a new driver who wants to get licensed. The DVLA has the power to approve a licence application as well as deny it.

Once approved, a licence can also be revoked under certain negative circumstances such as when a driver has already incurred enough violations to deem him unfit or dangerous to be allowed to drive on public roads. As a government agency, the DVLA is solely responsible for maintaining records of vehicles and drivers registered in the UK.

Armed with this information, the DVLA helps other government agencies out, especially the police and the NCA, prevent or deal with vehicle related crimes. The agency also functions as the governement’s tax collector for vehicle and driver taxes.

Vehicle Enquiries

If you have a vehicle registration related enquiries, then you can call the DVLA (03) number: 0300 790 6802.

These inlude enquiries about vehicle tax and SORN.

You can also fax your enquiries to 0300 123 0798.

Driver Licencing

If you have enquiries about getting a driver licence, then call their helpline on 0300 790 6801. You can also fax your queries to 0300 123 0784.

Medical Issues

If you have recently developed or are currently experiencing a medical condition that affects your ability to drive safely, then contact the DVLA(03) number 0300 790 6806.

You can also fax the DVLA on 0845 850 0095. You are required to divulge your medical issue so that the DVLA can determine if you’re a threat to public safety.

Welsh Phone Number

If you want to call the DVLA but you would rather speak in Welsh than speak in English, then call the Welsh support line on 0300 790 6819.